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Rambling Group Walk - 17th August
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Re-cycling Shed win at the village show
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Mothers' Union Afternoon Tea
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A list of all the people buried in the graveyard is available by clicking this link. It will download the Excel Spreadsheet onto your computer.

An almost complete map of the old section of the graveyard is available here.

An almost complete map of the next oldest part of the graveyard is available here.

The newest section of the graveyard are graves first dug just after the second world war and furthest away from the church at the bottom of the path, the image below from Google Maps shows an aerial view of the church yard. Grave A1 is in the top right hand corner, Y25 is the bottom left hand side of that rectangular section. The graves are in a grid system reflecting that numbering, line A being the farthest right and line Y being the farthest left. On that line number 1 would be against the back wall and 25 nearest the path.